If you’re feeling low or sad or you’re stuck in a dark place, the good news is that Alpha Psychology can help you to strategise a way forward.

Relationship Pain

Is there a disconnect between you and someone you care for? A partner, a parent , a child – let’s talk about it.


Have you experienced a traumatic, life-changing event? It’s important to get the treatment you need.

Anxiety & Stress

It’s normal to sometimes feel stressed, anxious and worried. But when it becomes overwhelming, we’re here to help.

Hello! I'm Deidre Steadman

As an experienced, accomplished and compassionate clinical psychologist, my practice offers a complete suite of psychological services catering to any concern

Alpha Psychology is dedicated to delivering affordable individual psychology services and group therapy to couples, children and individuals.


Teenagers need to build the self-esteem and resilience for their life ahead!

Liaising with local schools, our ‘Psychological Boot Camp’ program aims to equip today’s children with the psychological skills to navigate this unique and challenging time.

Talk to us about our “Master Your Mind” program for Schools.

We Can Help

Self &

Life is not always smooth sailing, and this can affect our emotions, our sense of wellbeing, our health, our work and our relationships. The good news is that one-on-one individual therapy can help both men and women develop new perspectives and life skills to break those destructive and disruptive patterns.

Couples &
Life Partners

Relationships enrich our lives, but they can also be challenging and require a tune-up or sometimes a complete overhaul. Everyday stresses can strain and threaten your relationships with partners, parents and children, but effective therapy can restore the balance and break bad habits.

Children & Adolescents

From the moment we are born, the process of developing the psychological skills to lead happy, healthy lives is constant and ever-changing. Relating to children and teenagers on their level and implementing effective and positive therapy is a finely-honed psychologist’s skill.


Group therapy is a rewarding and positive psychotherapeutic option for a range of issues. Groups may focus on a specific problem, or more generally on improving social and personal skills and problems. There are unique and significant benefits of sharing experiences, brainstorming ideas and talking and listening to others within a group setting.