Assisting Couples

Couples Therapy

Having the courage to seek help for a relationship that’s in trouble is a crucial and brave step. There are many stressors that threaten the health and harmony of a relationship, but when both sides are willing to participate in dealing with the issue and developing a solution, there is hope.


Parenting may be one of the most rewarding life experiences but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. In large part, parents are responsible for helping their children, tweens and teens develop life skills, individual personalities and appropriate behaviours. When navigating the treacherous terrain that is parenthood things can become overwhelming and the support of a psychologist can invaluable.


At the heart of our lives are our families, but even the healthiest family unit can encounter challenging, frustrating and even painful episodes. From disputes and arguments to resentment, guilt and anger, families can inspire the deepest of emotions, for better or worse, and family therapy can facilitate positive collaboration and restore strong bonds.