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Alpha Psychology prides itself on offering access to high quality psychological services at an affordable price.
For a Medicare rebate on psychology sessions you must have a valid referral from your GP.


Depression is not just feeling sad, it can lead to serious health issues and affect how people enjoy life, feel about themselves, relate to others and thrive in work and hobbies.

Depression and suicidal thoughts can be debilitating, but talking about it is an important first step in treatment. You don’t need to settle for feelings of worthlessness and disinterest. Good therapy can help you cope with these feelings and symptoms, change behaviour patterns, and deploy strategies that work towards real solutions.

Stress / Anxiety / Panic

We all struggle to deal with the stresses of life from time to time, but when worry becomes excessive, unrelenting and obsessive, you’re having panic attacks or you’re held back by fears, you may benefit from anxiety treatment.

The good news is that therapy is the best place to start, with proven strategies helping you to reduce anxiety, conquer your fears and build courage.


While anger is a normal emotion that can help us deal with stress, solve problems and express feelings, failing to control it can damage relationships and lead to regretful behaviours.

Therapy can help those who struggle with excessive or inappropriate anger to regain control, making it a healthy ally rather than a destructive bedfellow.

Self Esteem

Well-being is closely linked to how we feel about ourselves, including our levels of confidence and self-respect. Our self-image is the foundation upon which we construct our sense of ‘self’ and, just like a house build on an unstable foundation, if this self-image is negative, it can lead to self-criticism, social isolation, shame and self-harm.

But therapy can address self-image problems by re-setting goals, raising confidence, heightening self-awareness and improving self-kindness.


Needless to say a traumatic, life-changing event like a death, an accident, domestic violence or abuse can have a catastrophic effect on a person’s life and leave someone feeling damaged physically, emotionally and psychologically.

It can be hard to just bounce back from those effects. With a slew of psychological tools, therapy can be a fundamental part of easing and mending the emotional pain of trauma, equipping individuals with the skills to not just deal with their trauma but transcend it.


Our family relationships are the first connections that we forge with other people. From the very beginning of our lives, when we are the most psychologically vulnerable, our families lay the foundation for how we will relate to people for the rest of our lives. From our childhood we then venture out and build our own families in adulthood, all the while carrying the baggage that we developed from these very first relationships.

Because individuals are so complex and messy, families are even more so. Therapy is an opportunity for family members to voice concerns, work together and move towards a shared goal.

Other Issues?

No matter what personal, emotional and psychological issues you may be dealing with, therapy can help. That’s because psychologists have the training, experience and clinical skills to help make your life better.

Alpha Psychology uses an array of evidence-based techniques tailored to a client’s unique characteristics, goals, circumstances and values.